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Family Writing Contest
Date Saturday November 23, 2013
Time9:00 AM  - 9:00 PM
Contact Lydia Bigard
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The forms for the contest can be found and turned in at the Headquarters library Information Desk. Any questions about the contest please come by the Information Desk. Daddy Everyday: Rewriting The Black American Dad Story By Delonso Barnes The purpose of Daddy Everyday is to celebrate all the black men that are performing fatherly duties and demolishing the stereotype of black men as only deadbeats and absentee fathers. In addition, Daddy Everyday provides testimonies, tips and advice on black father expectations, health of black men, budgeting, disciplining and much more. Whether you are a father, stepfather, uncle or brother, black males are an important factor in the development of our children and community. This book is a contribution and straightforward effort in the rewriting of the Black American Dad Story. The negative perceptions and stereotypes of black fathers and black men in general are very dangerous in the growth of our communities. Daddy Everyday will start the conversation about black fathers involvement and teaching of our youth. The advice and tools supplied in Daddy Everyday will begin the necessary improvement of our communities by focusing on fathers and their children.