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Computer Basics Series
Date Tuesday August 27, 2013
Time9:30 AM  - 12:30 PM
Contact Kimberly Clayton
Attachments Computer Class Flyer - General Info 957 k


Computer Basics (6-Part Series

This series of classes is designed for adults who have little or no experience using computers. Students will learn basic concepts and get hands-on practice.  Students may take this series of classes more than once if needed. Students sign up for the entire series at once. Any student that wishes to begin the series after Part 1 is over must obtain prior permission from the instructor.

Part 1: Introduction to Computers

Learn about the basic parts of a computer, practice using the mouse, open programs and work with multiple program windows, learn to sign up to use the library’s public computers.

Part 2: Introduction to Word Processing

Learn about the keyboard, create and edit documents, format text, copy and paste, and understand the difference between Notepad, WordPad, and Word.

Practice Lab (optional)

Practice mouse skills and/or improve typing speed and accuracy.

Part 3: Saving and Organizing Files

Create and save documents, find, organize, rename, and delete files and folders, and utilize a flash drive. Students are encouraged to bring a Flash drive (optional).

Parts 4 and 5: Introduction to the Web

How to navigate to specific web sites, use search engines, save favorite sites, and take basic online safety precautions.

Register beginning July 1 by calling 770-347-0160. Check in with instructor before class begins. Please be on time - any open seats at the beginning of class will be given to students that are present and standing by.

If you are not registered for a class, you are welcome to come to the class and check in with the instructor 10-15 minutes before the class starts. At the beginning of class the instructor will see how many seats are available and given them to the students that are waiting.